It's exciting to find love again

after a painful or difficult breakup that was hard on you, but probably even harder on the kids.

We all want – and need, secure attachment with the people we love.

Yet many of us haven’t learned how to create and sustain a healthy relationship, or have learned dysfunctional behaviors and emotional reactions that push people away, and sabotage love once we find it!

Research shows that a new partnership can strain your relationship with your children, and vice versa. Especially when it comes to teenagers, who are dealing with their own struggles.

You’re committed to making things work in your new relationship-for you, your partner and the kids.

But you know that there are challenges ahead. There are several major challenges (potential landmines) that affect most blended families. If you don’t address those landmines, they are very likely to end your relationship within 2-4 years.

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The good news is that

You can learn how to navigate those landmines, or avoid them altogether.

I help divorced and single parents who are concerned that their new relationship won’t be good for their kids, avoid the step family landmines so they can have a happy family the second time around.

Through over 20 years experience working with families, and the many great teachers I’ve been lucky to learn from, I’ve created a system to help you identify the landmines you can’t see on your own. And I’ll give you the tools you need to navigate those landmines, so you can have the lasting love (and family) you’ve always wanted.

It starts from within, allowing ourselves to feel, and heal, from the past, learning better ways to share what’s in our hearts and hear what’s most important to those we care about…

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The Stories of Success

Edina has been our family coach for several years… Her coaching has helped me raise my kids with so much emotional intelligence that they claim to be therapists for their friend circle.

I have also incorporated her techniques at my workplace, which has helped my employees feel supported.

Our family has a healthy foundation of life skills and values due to our coaching sessions.

Working with Edina has kept kept our marriage together and strengthened our relationship.

We highly recommend everyone to be part of step by step coaching and shift their mindset.

Preeti, parent and medical professional

“Edina helped our family when another counselor told us divorce was the only answer. She taught us how to communicate and have a better understanding of ourselves, and presented us with the tools we needed to build a stronger foundation, which in turn created stronger bonds between us.

When we started, our son was going down the wrong path and our family was broken. I can say that I don’t know where we’d be without Edina’s guidance. Our son is now 16, doing well in school and has made amazing progress..from an angry, aggressive, weed smoking, lying stealing kid to a sober, helpful, loving, caring, social, more responsible, respectful and mature young man. Choosing the right counselor transformed our life and we can’t thank Edina enough for being there for us during our time of great turbulence and pure emotional chaos!! She was always there when we needed her with personalized care and helpful words of wisdom.”

Sonia S., Parent and Stepparent

Sonia S., Parent and Stepparent

“My husband and I can’t thank you enough for being there for all of us. We have incorporated some of the things we learned from you into our everyday lives. It was already a tough transition for all of us, especially for our son. We were really worried he would completely spiral out of control.”

Lana, Parent of Teenager

Lana, Parent of Teenager

“After being raised by parents who didn’t communicate effectively, I found myself in the same situation. I was never able to express myself in a way that led to effective resolution when I was angry or hurt or frustrated. In addition to helping us understand all of the Gottman principles and what contributes to a successful relationship, Edina taught us critical communication strategies that have allowed me to actually share my feelings in a way that doesn’t alienate my partner. After 3 months of working with Edina, we were more connected with each other than we had been in a long time and I felt more loved, appreciated, and understood by my partner.”

Lisa J., Parent

Lisa J., Parent

Take the Quiz to discover the key challenges that affect stepfamilies.