Are you navigating the complex dance of being a stepparent (or loving partner to a stepparent)?

After a marriage or partnership ends, starting over with children from previous relationships can be extremely challenging. This is a major reason why a second union with stepchildren involved, has about a 65% chance (higher than first marriages) of ending within 2-5 years.

But you have the power to beat the odds and see your family thrive!

You can have a home where everyone feels cherished, understood, and part of a vibrant, loving stepfamily.  It just may require some mindset shifts, extra skills, and a bit of myth-busting…and of course time!

Unlock the Secrets to a Happier Blended Family!!

Join us for a unique course for stepparents and those who love them, based on Smart Steps, a research-based marriage and family life education program developed between Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Stepfamily Association of America.

Topics covered include parenting techniques, couple dynamics, creating a new family culture, legal issues, dealing with the aftermath of divorce, and more. There will be additional materials included to supplement the Smart Steps content.

WHEN: Thursdays March 7th, 14th and 21st, and April 11th and 18th, from 7-9PM 

(NOTE: depending on size of the class, we might end earlier).

WHERE: Online – zoom link to be provided upon registration.

COST: $300 (individual or couple) 

P.S. – a portion of this will cover materials, and 30% will be donated back to Beth Emek to support its educational programs.

Dive into these dynamic session topics (order may change after first meeting) – 

Session 1: Families Today: Uncover the historical context of stepfamilies and bust the myths to set realistic expectations for your own.

Session 2: Changes in You and Your Family: Embrace new roles and find shared meaning, while tackling legalities and finances in stepfamilies.

Session 3: Where Are You Coming From?: Strengthen your empathy, parenting techniques, and understanding of adolescent behaviors.

Session 4: Strengthening the Relationship: Enhance your couple dynamics, learn helpful ways to resolve conflicts, and cultivate a strong friendship with your partner.

Session 5: Connections: Navigate the effects of separation/divorce on children, and explore successful co-parenting strategies.

Plus, some activities you can share with your children, focused on understanding and adapting to changes within the family structure, managing emotions, and fostering strong family connections.

Program Benefits

Personalized Support

Tailored advice to address the unique challenges you face as a stepparent/partner.

Interactive Learning

Engage in workshops and discussions that resonate with your experiences.

Community Connection

Join a network of stepparents and their partners, who understand your journey. Smart Steps, and the additional content included, is designed to be a transformative experience that equips you with the tools to build a thriving stepfamily, or at least take some giant leaps forward.