A home filled with peace, respect and love: how do you make it happen?

Just about everyone wishes for a home filled with peace, respect and love, but it’s not so easy to create i– ESPECIALLY when combining two households with children and a second marriage or partnership. Even without the baggage of the Wicked Stepmother myth, blending families is challenging at best.

Today there are more blended families than “traditional” ones in the United States, so you may already know other parents who have been where you are now, dealt with the same issues you’re dealing with, and whom you respect to give you good advice. But many parents and stepparents feel isolated and adrift on a sea of change, constantly confronted with new challenges and situations they’re not sure how best to handle.

This is where I come in — At Step by Step Family Coaching, it’s my pleasure to help parents navigate the sometimes stormy seas of combining families with children into one household. Parenting a child with another biological parent is challenging; with a step-parent, often more so, and it becomes even more complicated by the history of divorce, separation, and adjustment to a new home (and often school), new rules, and new family roles and rituals.

Now, I’ve been using various strategies and tools to address these issues for a long time! I have two beautiful, loving stepchildren of my own, have been trained as a therapeutic foster parent, and have trained other therapeutic foster parents as well as stepparents and traditional parents. I’m a lifelong learner who continues to add to my education and I am a Clinical Social Worker. For more about my experience and training, see: http://stepbystepfamilycoach.com.

If you’d like receive my support, I invite you to schedule a free consultation on my website.

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