We all know how hard divorce can be on children.

You’ve been healing from the divorce and are now in a committed relationship with a new partner.

You’ve tried to be really careful choosing who you date, and make sure they get along with your kids.  You want to have a great new relationship and still be a good parent.

But deep down you worry that following your heart will harm your children.

The truth is, over 60% of blended families with kids fall apart after the first few years, and can lead to a higher level of anxiety and depression in children – especially teenagers.

I want you to know that you can have a happy family the second time around when you understand the dynamics of the blended family.


I specialize in strengthening your parenting and partnership at the same time.

After working with blended families for more than 10 years, I’ve developed a system to help you identify the landmines you probably won’t see on your own.

And I’ve got the tools and strategies to defuse those landmines, so you can create a happy blended family for you, your partner and your kids.


You’ll have the language to manage or prevent conflict, and know how to communicate when emotions run high.

And most importantly, you and your partner will have the peace of mind knowing that your kids will thrive in your new family.

I work with couples, both privately and in small groups using a combination of proven counseling, coaching and mindfulness tools.

My Principles

5 Principles of Effective Couples Therapy

Make your relationship work by following these 5 basic principles

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Together, we’ll identify your biggest challenges and priorities as a blended family, and create a plan to help you be the best parent and partner you can be!